the visioning course

Learn the skillset, strategies, and mindset shifts to get out of being stuck and into a life of purpose.


I’ve helped hundreds of women (& a few awesome guys) transform their lives by combining my experience as a goal coach with the science-backed techniques on habits, behavior & mind management.

As a professional goal coach and in my experience as a CEO, founder & former top public relations executive (and a mom!) I've learned the skills & tools to empower my clients, guiding them as they navigate their next steps in integrity & alignment to their larger goals.


It’s painful to wake up and think


I should have figured it out by now…”

Does this sound familiar?

  • You don't feel you have any control about the direction of your life.

  • You have a dream but need guidance on how to get there 
  • You're not fulfilled in your job or your personal life.
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stuck, mildly depressed.
  • That something is simply lacking.

Women are taught to put other people first – that serves no one.

There’s only so long you can put your own dreams on hold before you’re living a complete people pleasing lie of a life. You’re burnt out, you’re unhappy, you’re stuck, or you’re realizing there are enormous changes that need to be made like switching careers, or making big decisions around your relationships and it is absolutely crippling.

You’ve been so busy being the perfect business woman, partner, mother, sister, and friend, you forgot to think about what it is that you actually wanted. Now, flash forward 20 years and you've spent much of your life in unhappiness with regrets instead of just choosing (and mind-managing) the uncertainty of going for your dreams.

“I should be somewhere else and I don’t know how to get there, and I don’t know where that is.”

–Women Everywhere


The Visioning Course

Get the tools to create your life roadmap, get off the hamster wheel & into the driver's seat.


The Visioning Course is the first of its kind.
It helps you find where you want to go and gives you the tools to get there.

These science-backed, proven techniques provide you the skillset you need to think big and create change. Plus, it comes with support and live coaching opportunities to provide you with the accountability and community to achieve success.

Yes, something has to change!

By the end of this program,
you’ll be able to:

  • Determine what goals you want and what to prioritize.
  • Learn the difference between thoughts and feelings and how to move through (instead of avoid) discomfort which is the currency to success.
  • Prioritize your time and attention - and take inventory how you want to allocate it.
  • Master the skills to become more organized in your workspace and in your mind.

These proven techniques will provide you with the tools and mindset shifts to be able to take control of your future and move ahead with manageable, actionable steps towards achieving your goals and aligning to your purpose.

Here’s what you’re going to get:


a 7-lesson course to create a personalized goal roadmap


Live group coaching and the ability to have 1-on-1 support


A private Facebook community with like-minded Visionaries

Your Investment

A 1-day course to create your own goal roadmap to achieve in one month or in one year - up to you.

  • Online Visioning Course
  • Closed FB support group
  • Informative newsletters
  • 1 live Zoom group coaching session

Only $197

Valued at $597


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All The Tools You Need
To Level Up

So many people make the wrong assumptions about goal setting. We make excuses like “we’re too busy” or might feel the shame of having tried to change and failed. So we accept a life of compromise and tolerance and always wonder “what if…”

The reason most people who set goals fail at them is because they don’t have the skillset and support to make them happen. We set "mean goals" that set us up for failure instead of "kind ones" we want to achieve. But for those of you who want something different in your life - maybe to lose the fear and gain confidence, or go for a new job or a new chapter - this online workshop has been helpful for over a hundred women (even during the pandemic). 

hey, I’m Abbie

Just 7 years ago,
I had a gut-punch of a year..


By the year's end, I didn't recognize my life. I couldn't see my way out of the dark. So I called a friend & asked her if she would give me 24 hours to help right this ship. I studied how lives & behaviors are changed. How thoughts create our results. I made a plan, put in support systems, took things step-by-step & things started to change - in remarkable ways.

From that, I kept honing the practice. I continued to develop & observe the 24-hour goal setting workshop every New Year's Day - which is a combination of applying science-backed change-behavior tools, manifesting & accountability, visualization & brainstorming, journaling & calendaring, all within a focused day away from distractions.

The success of my own Visioning caught on. People saw how the practice was working for my life & asked me to lead them through it. I created a condensed version for small groups & demand grew nationally. From that, I started a professional coaching practice & now coach one-on-one & lead small groups for focused work in self-care, self-growth, & goal setting. 

I've learned the techniques to create big things for myself. This work has changed my life and I can teach you the same skillset to change yours.

The Visioning Course is PERFECT for you if...

  • You are curious about your own potential
  • You are a woman with ambitious goals, but also craving balance
  • You are an entrepreneur with an idea, but who needs a plan
  • You are a newly divorced or empty-nester parent ready for a new chapter
  • You're bravely (& vulnerably) ready to step into your own power & level up

Stop Saying "Maybe Later..."

It is time to take inventory of where you are & where you want to go. 

"But I have no time!"
Is living a better, more aligned life important to you? Then make the time. You have 356 days in a year. Take 1 day to decide how you want those to go or risk living a life in which you remain on the hamster wheel but not in the drivers seat. Busyness doesn't achieve greatness. Take six hours to take this course or savor it over a few days to accommodate your schedule, you could take the online course little-by-little at your own pace.

"I don't have the bandwidth to think of goals!"
Then let's make it a goal to refocus how you spend your energy to have more bandwidth. Let's be honest about your time and emotional expenditure. And let's give you the skills to still be able to function when circumstances are out of your control. We're going to need the skills of prioritization, time management, and managing our emotional energy going forward.

"I'm just trying to survive day to day!"
The thought that you are trying to "survive day-to-day" will for sure add to the weight and overwhelm you are feeling. The world needs you to function. Your family needs you to function. You are capable of doing more than just surviving. You can decide to think thoughts that support yourself. Decide how you want to spend your time. Decide how you want to focus your attention. And decide if you really want to survive day to day for the whole year or just right now and make plans for when you're out of this. Thinking about and focusing on a light on the horizon, is a proven way to bring hope, focus, and purpose to an otherwise grim outlook.

"I'll think about it"
Not making a decision is a decision. This is an investment in your life and wellbeing and it is a commitment to yourself. Please join only if you want to be there. And if you're 70% sure, take the leap. You'll benefit for sure.

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I’m ready, Abbie!