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visioining course

This is the most comprehensive goal-setting course out there and provides you with the tools to think differently and the support to take action. Seven years in the making, this is the course that has helped hundreds of people create the change they’ve wanted.


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sunday night self care

A live Sunday evening group to mark the end of one week and begin the next with intentionality. The 30-minute session is part learning, part coaching and part grounding meditation.

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“Soooo happy this course is back! Reaping the benefits already. Feel tons better on the second week. You’re really good at what you do - your kindness & positivity shine through!”

- Genevieve B.

midyear manifestation

If you haven’t started the year with Visioning, or you just need a tune-up, the Midyear Manifestation workshop is for you. For 2-hours we focus on manifesting and setting goals for the next 6 months, learning how to create thoughts and beliefs to help you achieve those goals (even if you don’t have the “how” yet) and we decide what action to start taking. It comes with a built-in support follow up coaching call.

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how to get unstuck

A 1-hour Masterclass to help you get out of stagnation and into action with all the science and theory about how you got here and how to gently move you into action. My gift to you. FREE!

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90-day goal challenge

Live accountability group that meets 2x a month to get coaching on goals and change limiting beliefs that keep holding us back. Whether you’re looking to change jobs (or start a new career) or hoping to feel more aliveness, or if you want guidance as a parent, this ongoing group is the perfect solution for you to gain the tools and then practice them with ongoing support and community.

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