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visioning course

Abbie's signature course that has helped hundreds of people transform their lives.

Looking to make some change? Feel better about your day-to-day? Have direction on where your life is headed?

Take back your control and create a year that feels more manageable, joyful, and proactive (even when the world feels otherwise) and experience an entirely new approach to life and work!  

Introducing the revamped Visioning Course, a 12-week digital series with tons of weekly live coaching support to teach you the proven techniques that will create real change in your life.

Visioning Summer 2024 is open for registration and begins June 9.


“Soooo happy this course is back! Reaping the benefits already. Feel tons better on the second week. You’re really good at what you do - your kindness & positivity shine through!”

- Genevieve B.

the year you want 

Call it a workshop. A 1-day retreat. A fresh kick start.

Join Abbie in person or online for a thoughtful, meaningful day of planning and learning on January 20th, 2024.

Registration has closed for The Year Your Want 2024. Add your name to the waitlist for details on the next event.

change 1 thing

Give me 40 minutes and I’ll give you some life-changing tools to learn how to create meaningful change on one thing. And once you learn how to change one thing, you can change everything. This free webinar is a tremendous resource for anyone wanting change and not knowing where to start. This is my gift to you.