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Already a past client or course-member? Book a “booster” session to get you back in alignment and on your way. We all need a tune-up sometimes.

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commit to a series

You want results? Commit to a 90-day transformation. In 12 sessions, you will have gained deep insight into your limiting thoughts and beliefs, be able to identify the results you want and be on your way to getting there. I have seen complete transformations in this time. Think of me as your co-pilot on this journey each week with hour-long sessions to help you efficiently shift into the life you want.

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“In three months coaching with Abbie, I have grown more, gained more awareness and felt more in control than I could have imagined. With her help, I got out of feeling devastatingly stuck, confidently enrolled in school and totally transformed my mindset. I even got hired on a project! Best investment ever.”

- Kelly C

I have helped people:

  • Set and achieve big goals for themselves
  • Find more joy in parenting
  • Live more balanced lives
  • Get unstuck
  • Let go of shame
  • Manage trauma
  • Stop people pleasing
  • Make powerful decisions
  • Better understand what they can control
  • Start new chapters (and launch businesses)
  • Leave (and start) relationships
  • Make a LOT more money
  • Love themselves -and their lives- more

“I was in therapy for years and have never felt more simultaneously guided and supported than I do when I coach with Abbie. I look forward to every session.” 

-Meena W

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