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Hi! I’m Abbie


I am a professional goal coach, the founder & CEO of The Mother Company, a manifester, & deeply invested in improving the lives of others. I am also a mom of two, wife of one, & a big believer that if you plan for the life you want, you'll live the life you want.

I'm here to share my story and hope to be an example of what's possible.


In 2014, I had a gut-punch of a year. By the year's end, I didn't recognize my life. I couldn't see my way out of the dark. So I called a friend & asked her if she would give me 24 hours to help right this ship. I studied how lives & behaviors are changed. How thoughts create our results. I made a plan, put in support systems, took things step-by-step & things started to change - in remarkable ways.

From that, I kept honing the practice. I continued to develop & observe the 24-hour goal setting workshop every New Year's Day - which is a combination of applying science-backed change-behavior tools, manifesting & accountability, visualization & brainstorming, journaling & calendaring, all within a focused day away from distractions.

The success of my own Visioning caught on. People saw how the practice was working for my life & asked me to lead them through it. I created a 7-hour version for small groups & demand grew nationally. From that, I started a professional coaching practice & now coach one-on-one & lead small groups for focused work in self-care, self-growth, & goal setting. Recently I developed my Visioning course into an online course so that it can help people everywhere.I am deeply invested in improving the lives of others. Every day, I get to help people live to their capacity where they can find more joy, make meaningful connections, move out of feeling stuck, & write their next chapters.  I’m honored to be the conduit to guide these wise & wonderful people in finding their voice, their courage, & their inner spark once again. 

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