midyear manifestation

Successfully change what the next 6 months look like for you in a live 2-hour goal-setting workshop

Can't believe it's already June?

Unable to figure out how to get your act together?

Feeling unmotivated and meh?

Stuck in procrastination or a routine you know needs to change?


Give me two hours and I'll help you turn it around. Join me for a live midyear manifestation workshop to help you manifest the life you want, think about what needs to change, and determine what actionable steps you can take. You'll learn about manifestation and motivation and THEN (and this is the important part) you will be taught the skills on how to actually achieve those goals. You also get an hour-long follow up support coaching session to iron out any obstacles, to ensure extra success.


In short, it’s just what you need right now to make things change by year's end.


Join now:

✓ June 19th 10-12am PT - live "get your act together" workshop on zoom with Abbie

✓ June 26th 11am PT - 1-hour follow up group coaching call for extra support

✓ 6-months of access for additional one-on-one support and first availability to my 90-day accountability coaching group starting later this summer.


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It’s painful to think:


I know I need to change but feel powerless to actually do it"

This workshop is for anyone looking to create some different results in their life.


Maybe you want to:

  • Learn how to stop procrastinating
  • Make decisions more powerfully
  • Find more confidence
  • Change your routine
  • Break a habit
  • Change how you feel
  • Earn more
  • Love your life more
  • Love yourself more
  • Feel accomplished and in your purpose

Whatever your goal is, perhaps there’s a part of you that has convinced yourself that it’s either too hard, too overwhelming, too unclear, or takes too much effort to actually achieve this goal. And so you stay right where you are. Unhappy. That unhappiness is familiar.

But it's also painful to NOT get to where you want to go. Painful to watch your dreams evade you. 

This familiar unhappiness is also eating away at you and taking you further from the life you want.

If there is pain either way (avoiding your goals or going for them), why not learn how to manage the discomfort of just going for them?

Let’s work together and try a different, kinder approach.

Every single day, as a professional goal coach, I love being the co-pilot to these transformations. It is meaningful and magical.

Imagine the change that can happen, with some support, in 6 months. Exciting!

What is in the 2 Hour Workshop?

  • We start by “Priming” your brain - just as you would prime a room before you transform it with paint. This is a crucial first step to achieve an open mindset about your goals. We do this through a meaningful meditation and some quick brainstorms.
  • Learn about how to manifest meaningfully, some myths of manifestation, and what it might mean for you.
  • Guided towards goals - some people have all the ideas and no follow through and others are completely stuck with no ideas and a desperate desire to take action. You’ll be guided for both. Here, you’ll devise your 6-month goal wishlist as you’re guided step by step into new results.
  • Hone the goals - Through a series of exercises, you’ll hone your goals, determine their priority and create an accountability calendar. 
  • Commit - learning how to take the first steps into action (even if you don’t know how you’ll achieve these goals) is crucial. You’ll get tools and science-backed tricks into changing habits, thoughts and how to think differently about failure and rejection. 
  • You’ll finish the 2-hour workshop with a new outlook, a 6-month plan, and the calendared first steps toward change. 
  • Benefit from a booster support call a week later to check in, for accountability, and to troubleshoot any challenges or obstacles. (a $200 value in itself!)

Who is Abbie?

Abbie is a professional goal coach who has helped hundreds of (mostly) women in achieving the lives they’ve wanted. She’s helped people start new chapters after divorce or kids moving out, move through grief, find more peace and joy, earn more, find self-love, become better managers and entrepreneurs, and, with every client, shift their mindset to create the lives they want for themselves. It is empowering, meaningful work and is her mission: to inspire people to live purposeful, joyful lives aligned to their potential.

In addition to goal coaching, she also continues to achieve her own goals as the Founder and CEO of The Mother Company, a venture she started 11 years ago with the mission of "Helping Parents Raise Good People." Her experience as an entrepreneur, an Emmy-winning creator and producer of children's TV shows, co-author of 12 children's books, and leader of support groups for parents and educators for the past 11 years, differentiates her from other coaches in that she walks the walk in goal achievement and can speak from experience about what it takes.

More About Abbie

Why This Matters?

It matters because you only live once. This is your shot at going for the life you want. Time flies and if you aren't living with intention, you aren't living your best life.


Statistically 7/10 people are unhappy with their lives. 97% of people drop their goals within a month of thinking of them. This is not okay!


I invite you to step into the full human experience of being alive. That includes:

Living out your life to the fullest.

Finding meaningful ways to be here.

Earning as much as you’re capable.

Loving yourself and others deeply.

Letting go of the past.

Feel worthy of the life you want for yourself now and for the future.

Together, we will take a big picture, holistic approach. Learn to process what's holding you back (likely fear or rejection or failure and self-doubt). I will teach you how to manifest meaningfully, offer you the tools, the mind management skills, and guide you into change.

Nothing changes until you try something different.

This is your sign.


What it costs

The 2-hour Midyear Manifestation, live with Abbie - worth $400
The Follow Up Coaching call with Abbie - worth $200
Total worth $600

Your Price Today: Just $197!


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*Workshop prices are kept low as an affordable alternative to one-on-one coaching. They serve to reach wider audiences with meaningful, life-changing tools and provide support to anyone struggling to achieve life they want.

Treat yourself. Try something new. Two hours to start the transformation.