10x Happier by the Holidays

November 14 - December 19

Live 5-6pm PT (Replay Available)

Tired of absolutely everything? Dreading that another year is coming to a close and you aren't where you want to be? Can't remember the last time you felt genuine joy? Let's fix that.

Regardless of how hard/awful/unfair/boring/less-than everything in life may seem, in six weeks, you can genuinely feel better using the tools and techniques I offer.

You'll stop comparing yourself to others. You'll learn to move out of your familiar-but-unhappy comfort zone.  You'll become conscious of your sabotage behaviors. You'll get unstuck. Finish the year strong.

I'm offering to show you a different, more joyful way.

Try it. 

Come learn about how you can achieve 10x more happiness before the year is up. In six 1-hour totally enjoyable Sunday evening sessions, your mindset will shift and you'll start to love your life more.  

Let's have a HAPPIER Holiday, New Year, and beyond.

Yes, Please!

How It Works:

Each Sunday night, with a combination of teaching and coaching, we'll:

  • Boost our Emotional Intelligence
  • Learn how to transform judgement to curiosity
  • Shift our thinking about our unhappiness
  • Learn how to minimize our Saboteurs + boost our Sages
  • Stop forcing positivity and start genuinely feeling it

Join live each week to be accountable and in community or watch the replay on your own time.

The Topics You’ll Learn:

Nov 14

Explore Happiness & Our Obstacles to it

Nov 21

How to Feel Feelings & Why we do it Wrong 

Nov 28

Gifts in Unhappiness & Deciding how to Feel

Dec 5

Understanding our Saboteurs & our Sage

Dec 12

Self-talk: Liking our selves - and our lives - more

Dec 19

How to Have a 10x Happier Holiday (even with toxic family)

*topics subject to change according to the needs of the group

Here’s What People Have Said About Abbie:

"Working with Abbie has been the best investment I've ever made in myself. Ever. I can't overstate that."

- Kelsey

"I started working with Abbie because I've been lost. My last 4 weeks with her have been TRANSFORMATIVE in ways I've never thought possible and I love working with her."

- Mika

"I can't wait for the courses from Abbie. Her kindness and generosity (and expertise) shines each week. I count down the hours each Sunday."

- Sarah

This Is Amazing!
I Want In!

Here’s What You’ll Get: 

More happiness, less suffering! But also:

  • Six informative classes for the price of one private coaching session
  • Group coaching from Abbie for personalized support
  • A like-minded, respectful community who meets weekly online
  • Mind-management and coaching tools to help shift your thoughts, feelings and behavior
  • Sunday Night follow-up newsletters with resources to dive deeper

hey, I’m Abbie

I’m a goal coach, healer, CEO, mama and...

I am literally a professional life changer.

My mission is to help people live better, bigger, more meaningful lives. And I do that with each person I work with.

Since 2014, I've studied (and now taught) mindset, manifestation, changing habits, achieving goals, exposing our saboteurs, and how to live as intentionally as possible.

I believe that life is too short to be miserable... or "meh". Let me help you find peace and happiness before the year ends.

Gift yourself this course. Buy it for a friend. It will change you and others. Join me. Learn. Shift. Feel better.  Say yes. Start here.

Your Investment

Only $249

Valued at $600

This is my 6-week program that offers amazing value, creates genuine happiness, reduces suffering, and greatly enhances the lives of the people who take it (and the people around them).

"Having sessions with Abbie on Sunday makes my whole day. It puts in motion an excitement for the week, I get organized, she helps me tackle my fears so I can achieve."

-Morgan M.

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