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Increase Your Happiness
with 10 Easy, Proven Steps

from Abbie Schiller

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Most of us spend our entire lives chasing happiness. Ironically, the more you chase, the less happiness you experience.

But you CAN increase your happiness, and I'll show you 10 simple things you can do right away to feel better in body, mind and soul.  

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Meet Abbie 

Hi! I became a goal coach to offer others the same life-changing experience I had when I needed to turn things around. I'm deeply invested in improving the lives of others, a magical manifester, mom of two, wife of one, & a big believer that if you can envision the life you want, you'll start to live it.

I've studied happiness and taught a course in it and have personally applied many of these 10 steps to help me find more joy, make meaningful connections, and move out of feeling stuck.  

I'm here to help you increase your happiness and light your inner spark!

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